"Thank you Merna": Finance Minister Bill Morneau responds to Bank Notes petition

Amazing news! Today, Canada's Minister of Finance Bill Morneau responded directly to Victoria-based historian Merna Forster, whose petition to feature a notable woman from Canadian history on our bank notes has over 70,000 supporters. Here's some of what he had to say (you can read the full response here):

"Thank you for signing this Change.org petition, urging the Bank of Canada to add a woman from Canadian history to a bank note. The advancement of women’s rights and progress has always been propelled by people like you – people who take the time to make a difference.

Women are, and have always been, instrumental in building Canada into what it is today. Yet in our country's nearly 150 year history, women, with the notable exception of the Queen, have been largely unrepresented on our bank notes. 

Like you, I’ve never felt that was right, and it’s why very soon after becoming Finance Minister I began discussing the idea with my colleagues and with Governor Poloz at the Bank of Canada.

On International Women’s Day 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and I announced that an iconic Canadian woman will be featured on the first bank note of its next series in 2018 – and you get to pick her.


I invite all Canadians to have their say so that one day, very soon, a new generation of women will carry with them constant reminders that they are not only Canada's future, but a celebrated part of our history.

Thank you to Merna and to all of you for the passion you bring to this cause. Together, we’ll bring real change not just to our money, but to our country."

Bill Morneau
Minister of Finance