Against All Odds, People Power Is Re-Writing These Shocking Injustices

Brock Turner walked free on the weekend after 3 months. He's the rapist found guilty of three counts of sexual assault on the Stanford University campus – with the judge issuing a lenient sentence because jail would have a 'severe impact' on the rapist.

1.3 million people slammed the judge's decision by signing a petition. There have been protests in the US. And now, in a significant win for the campaign for justice – it's forced the judge to no longer hear criminal or rape cases: 

“He’ll no longer stand in the face of rape victims and pity their rapist.” says the petition starter.

In Australia, petitions are helping grieving families and victims find justice – every week.

  • Gerard Baden-Clay's murder sentence was re-instated
  • The release of a serial child molester in South Australia was stopped
  • An inquest into the murder of a grandmother was won
  • A offender release centre was moved away from a childcare

The most stubborn, powerful institutions in the land - judges, courts, the whole criminal system - can be shifted. 

‘Insulting’ prison privileges to a peadophile rapist and murderer have been revoked

“It shows people power can force the government to listen. Thank you so much for remembering my daughter.” – Ebony's mum

Ebony Simpson, 9, was walking home from the school bus when a peadophile, Andrew Garforth, abducted her. He bound her arms and legs with wire then raped her repeatedly. He later placed rocks into her small school bag and tossed her into a dam, where she drowned.

He showed zero remorse – yet last year was given extra prison privileges including TV and sandwich toaster in his cell, extra time outside, and woodwork courses. 

Christine Simpson, Ebony’s mum, started a petition to Mike Baird asking to revoke these “insulting” privileges. It grew to 34,000 in just 24 hours and the very next day, putting so much public pressure on Mike Baird that the government agreed to remove all Garforth’s privileges. 

A woman was raped & then bled to death but two prime suspects were never prosecuted - until a petition changed everything

“After five long, painful years battling the justice system, our family had absolutely no hope for the future. But this all turned around when Carolyn started this petition for justice for Lynette and 70,000 signatures flooded in from across Australia." – Lynette's step-dad

Lynette Daley's naked body was found on a beach in 2011. Two men claimed they had "wild drunken sex" with her. But they burned a blood stained mattress and left her to die from huge internal injuries. Until this year, they'd never faced trial.

The petition successfully persuaded the Department of Prosecutions to charge and prosecute the two men suspected of killing her.

There are over 450,000 Australians taking action for criminal justice on – and it's working. Keep signing: