"Disgusting, extortionate, heartless" – politicians urged to act as families with suffering loved ones hit with parking fees

She's the mother of a chronically ill teen born with half a heart, taking on the WA government over ‘extortionate’ car parking fees.

Monique Garcia's petition reveals a shocking $1,000 fine after rushing her son to hospital with severe chest pains. Now it's prompted other families dealing with 'disgusting' hospital parking fees to tell their story.

“I am disgusted to hear from members of our community that people have been forced to tend to the meter in amongst operations, distressed family members, and even children’s deaths.” Monique wrote in her petition.

These are their stories of 'disgusting, extortionate, heartless' fees:

Jill"I lived through my daughter being in hospital for 18 months continually, often in ICU and critically ill. She died. We paid up to $30 daily to park in a hospital car park as no other parking available. We were often not able to work and were financially crippled by the costs. It is above appalling and incomprehensible."

Amanda – a single mother on a carer’s pension, says her $800 fortnightly income can’t keep up with parking fees at her child’s hospital. “I cannot catch public transport with a child with severe epilepsy and in a wheelchair. I am stuck paying the fees.”

Karen – the last moments with her dying sister were planned around ‘heartless’ hospital parking fees. “Parking fees determined how often and long visits from loved ones were - they held us, family and friends to ransom.”  

Darlene – she recalls her parking fee on the night she watched her mother die in hospital. “It cost me $75 on the most heartbreaking night of my life. How heartless can the parking owners at hospital be?”

Gidon Goodman – 13 years old, fighting a rare blood disorder and makes fortnightly trips to the Sydney Children’s Hospital for lifesaving treatment. It’s cost $10,000 for his parents to park the car in the years he’s been treated at hospital. Read more of his story and his own petition on Change.org to stop ‘exploiting kids like me with life-threatening illnesses' by clicking here.

More than 50,000 Australians have signed petitions on Change.org to cap ‘extortionate’ hospital parking fees for the burden it places on emotionally vulnerable families. Hospital parking in NSW alone cost families $34 million last financial year.

Help Monique get her petition to 60,000 signatures before she meets the Premier.