After secretly filming her father's abuse in aged care, this daughter's campaign could change the law

Footage of her father's “recurrent torment, physical abuse and attempted suffocation” in an aged care facility shocked Australia. And Noleen's petition is now on the verge of changing policy to ensure this never happens again.

Noleen Hausler’s elderly father suffered horrific abuse in aged care. After secretly filming the abuse, the perpetrator was convicted and sentenced to 10 months jail. ABC 7.30 aired the footage alongside the launch of her petition:

Since then, 41,000 signatures have been added to her petition calling for families to be legally allowed to install cameras in aged care homes to protect loved ones from abuse. 

Every signature is helping drive more media coverage.

And now high-profile politicians are starting to listen, responding directly to her petition and signers – backing surveillance cameras in aged care:

A national conversation has been started around the protection of powerless elderly - but it’s not over yet. Your signature counts - help keep up the pressure by signing her petition or sharing her story with family and friends.