Everyday Aussies Winning Big For Gay Equality

The fight for equality is being fought every day, in towns across Australia. Outside the Canberra bubble – these Aussies' victories could teach the PM a few things about getting results for gay equality. 

Watch this. Scroll to see the wins. And back the next big petition for equality at the end.

Baby Tadgh now officially has two mummies - because your signatures changed the law 

This is Tadhg. He was, fittingly, born on mother’s day in 2014 - and has two mummies:

But, according to his birth certificate, Tadhg only had one mummy - Sally. Because Sally’s partner was a woman, Tadhg wasn’t allowed to have two legal parents - something Sally called out as homophobia.

Sally’s Change.org petition read: “Our child is disadvantaged by having ‘one legally invisible parent’ when he has been so consciously created and with clear intention from the outset that he should be born to two parents - who just happen to be mother and co-mother.” 

When the law was changed after 5,000 signatures on Sally’s persuasive petition, she wrote: "The Attorney General fought it every step of the way - but justice won in the end."

AFL tackles homophobia after historic campaign by first openly gay player

“This is a terrifying petition to write” Jason Ball typed nervously, before sharing his experience as the first AFL player to come out as gay. His powerful voice combined with 30,000 others built a 3-year long campaign for the AFL to tackle homophobia.  

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 4.18.24 pm.png

Jason asked for an AFL Pride Round, to help foster a more respectful culture towards gay people and tackle the homophobia he’d witnessed first hand. When that happened last month, Ball called it a “historic moment I could only have dreamed of when I started my Change.org petition four years ago.”

Same-sex couples shall go the ball! 

The School Debutante Ball is, in the words of 16 year old Tia, “For many female students, a dream come true. Or, if you're LGBT+, a nightmare.”

Along with her best friend Rebekah, Tia successfully petitioned Bundoora Secondary School to allow same-sex couples to attend for the first time in 2016 - setting a leading example for all VIC schools. They made a fab couple:

debutante ball 1.jpg

The school principal, who changed the school’s rule following Tia’s petition, said: "I'm quite in awe of you as young people taking a brave step. As much as community attitudes have changed towards same sex couples there's still a lot of hostility in the world."

4 million Australians are now using Change.org. Your power to win campaigns for equality is growing every day. 

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