Exclusive: family of killed mum “numb” as they face accused killer in court

“I was numb in the courtroom. The whole day felt very surreal - it was quite overwhelming to witness the wheels of justice finally turning. We never thought we would see this day.”

In an exclusive chat with Change.org after the first trial of the man charged with the killing of their daughter - the family of Lynette Daley, a mum of seven who was raped, killed, and her body left on NSW beach in 2011, had one consistent message for the 60,000 signers of a petition for justice for their daughter:

“It really wouldn’t have happened without you. We are forever grateful. Our family loves each and every one of you.”

Lynette Daley.jpeg

The trial has been five years in the making for the family after constant rejections from the NSW DPP to charge the two suspects - upon hearing the news that the petition had won, the family told Change.org:

“We’re absolutely speechless right now. My heart dropped when I took the call from the Attorney General last night. It still doesn’t feel real. We’re all overwhelmed, emotional, exhausted - a complete rollercoaster of emotions.”

Despite acknowledging this is just the start of a long journey, after day one of the trial the family are optimistic for the future:

“It's been a long and exhausting five years waiting and I know this is only the start of a long journey ahead, but this first day was so significant for us. Only months ago we had lost all hope of a trial happening at all”, says Lynette’s stepfather, Gordon Davis.

“Though we lost faith in the Australian justice system - our faith in humanity was restored by you and all of the people who signed the Change.org petition that forced the DPP to begin this trial.”

In a heartfelt message of thanks, Gordon asked Change.org to pass on a personal message to all the petition signers:

Our journey to justice has finally started because of you, and our whole family are forever grateful. The next court appearance will be the 6 September - I'll be sure to keep you updated on developments.”