Four Year Fight To Stop Racehorse Slaughter Pays Off

"This has been a really hard fight. We're not campaigners. When we first discovered what was happening, we were just ordinary citizens. But the desire to get justice for these horses has helped us create history."

In big news for animal rights this week, thousands of retired racehorses will no longer face being shot and slaughtered – with Racing NSW committing to a new retirement welfare plan.

It's a victory 4 years in the making. Ward and others at the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses have volunteered thousands of hours, garnered the backing of 44,000 users, and persisted despite constant rejections. Their tireless efforts paid off.

“It’s one huge step in the right direction for animal rights - one we never thought we’d reach. It’s been incredible to see the support from signers, it’s more than just a signature.”

But Ward doesn't plan to stop here - he wants to put an end to this “torture” nationally: "This is just the start - we’ve won against one state but the rest are now to follow. NSW has merely set a precedent to which others must follow.”

You can add your name to their petition now to help win this change nationally by clicking here.

Ward isn’t the only one with good news for animal rights - in case you missed it:

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