The 5 ways a 16 year old made the Government act on dairy farmer crisis

When the news broke that Murray Goulburn was to slash milk prices RETROSPECTIVELY, leaving them thousands in debt, it shattered dairy farmers. Including 16 year old Chloe’s dad.

Today, the Prime Minister is meeting with one of Australia’s largest milk producer to intervene on the ongoing crisis leaving farmers bankrupt and forced to sell their farms. Here’s how 16 year old Chloe made the Government start listening:

1. An upset Chloe jumped on and started a petition

She asked the government to help stop “greedy corporates ruining Aussie farmers”:

2. Chloe bravely spoke to national media about her petition

One presenter called her a ‘refreshingly innocent’ voice on this political issue

3. The Deputy Prime Minister called Chloe

Barnaby Joyce called to explain how he could help, but she didn’t think his response was good enough

4. Chloe took her message to a rally with thousands of Australians

She continued to push for a solid solution for dairy farmers

5. AND met with key politicians

They agreed to back her petition and voice their support

VICTORY: with over 160,000 users putting pressure on the Deputy PM, a $550 million emergency relief package for struggling dairy farmers was announced.

Today the Prime Minister is talking to the big corporate bosses responsible for the milk price cuts to ensure longer term solutions are in place for fair farm gate pricing in support of Aussie farmers.

The supermarkets are also feeling the heat to play their part in supporting dairy farmers and stop selling $1 own brand milk - you can sign David’s petition for Cole and Woolies to introduce a 20c milk levy here.

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