Insurance Giants Are Backflipping After Years Of Claim Rejections

It’s a true David vs Goliath battle. After a four year dispute with insurance giant Allianz, who refused to pay out for a road traffic accident that left Manuel Larriera permanently disabled - he's forced them to back down.

His pain has ended just two months after starting his petition and thousands of signatures helping him secure national media attention, prompting the insurer to respond and pay out.

Allianz has finally settled his claim in full this week.

But Manuel is not the only one using people power to end years of claim rejections - meet the users fighting back against insurers' decisions:

AAMI, Allianz, NRMA, Suncorp and Westpac - they’re well-known household insurers that millions Aussies rely on as a safety net for their insurance policies. 

But after numerous vulnerable Aussies found these big brands rejecting their insurance claims – they turned to and started petitions asking for their insurer to pay their claims. And it's working. 

Now these individuals, backed by of thousands of signatures, are making some of Australia’s biggest companies u-turn on their decisions: users are signing, sharing and chipping in to help these customer’s win - now help more people take on their insurers by sharing this news on facebook.

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