The stories you got the media to cover

Two young people, aged 12 and 13, made media headlines this week - thanks to your signatures.

One is a chronically ill boy, the other a victim of severe bullying. Both wanted to to make their voices heard and make the change they want to see. And both did that by using


Tayla, 12, was a major feature in The Weekend Australian Magazine. On her petition, she wrote:

"I'm the most unpopular kid in school and bullying is killing me - PLEASE help" users answered that call for help. They signed her petition in their thousands, leading to Tayla's voice being amplified through the media. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 11.48.52 am.png


Meanwhile Gidon, 13, was on The Project this week calling on NSW Premier Mike Baird to answer his call to cap hospital parking fees, following long hospital stays due to his rare blood disorder. It was users flocking to sign his petition that gave him this powerful platform:

Every single media headline generated is thanks to the support of you, our users. Here are three more crackers that happened thanks to you:

Premier changed his mind on medicinal cannabis thanks to story shared on


"Making shit happen"


"A legit force in politics" 

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