Glorious. Pizza Shapes Are Back – And Other Little Gems.

Holy moley, the original Pizza Shapes are coming back. We did it, Australia.
"We haven’t achieved world peace - but it’s a pretty close second” - avid Shapes advocate. 

Arnott’s will resurrect the original, much-loved Pizza Shapes, following sobering public outcry. 

But all is now right in the world. Victory! Nearly 30,000 pizza lovers united in common cause of loving the munch.

Aussies have a knack for championing the right causes. Just think of these little gems:

1. Noel is allowed to ride his horse into town & back - on one condition

After being banned, Noel successfully petitioned Hills Creek Hire Council, WA, for the right to ride his horse - his only form of transportation - into town to do his shopping and go to church. 1,874 supporters backed him. The council wrote him an apology letter. 

Halls Creek Shire chief executive Rodger Kerr-Newell said: 

"This man is completely entitled to ride his horse, camel, llama, whatever, in and out of town. But if it craps all over the place, he has to pick it up."

2. One of our petition starters is a drag queen called Pauline Pantsdown

And she seems to be as influential as her newly elected namesake, after petitioning for an elderly couple’s right to fly the rainbow flag on their balcony, following complaints 

3. Tony “the spud king” petitioned for his right to grow potatoes

Tony was being prevented from selling as many spuds as he likes by a body called "the Potato Marketing Corporation" (we’re not making this up) and one user’s petition called on the WA Premier to stop making it a crime to produce too many potatoes (yes, really).

4. The Australian currency nearly changed its name to ‘Dollarydoos’ after 70k signed a petition for it.

Ok, it didn’t really. BUT the very serious ‘Economy of Australia’ Wikipedia page DID change the currency to Dollarydoos before the Reserve Bank intervened and asked them to take it down*

*They didn't really, but LOL. 

What will you tackle next? Over to you, Australia.