Day 5: BBC Good Food and the bake-off

Here at’s London offices, we LOVE food. So, we always enjoy a good campaign on food and cooking - any this year we had a whopper!

200,000 of you signed up to Emma’s campaign to save the BBC Good Food archive - a service used by people up and down the country, ourselves included.

When the BBC announced they’d be cutting the BBC Good Food recipe archive to save money, Emma sprang into action. Emma argued that when the government was trying to promote healthier eating and fighting obesity, focusing cuts on 11,000 healthy recipes made no sense at all...and many of you agreed.

In just 24 hours, the petition had got 150,000 signatures - a few days later, with over 200,000 people signing up and a storm on social media, the BBC conceded that due to the public outcry, the archive would be saved.


To celebrate this, we had our very own bake-off in the run up to Christmas. We thought we’d share the winning recipe with you all - it’s really simple, but really yummy!

Our winning baker was our wonderful Campaigns Director Kajal and her Festive Snowballs!


Kajal’s Festive Snowballs recipe:



1 x pack of rich tea biscuits

6 x tablespoons baileys

3 x tablespoons cocoa

1 x can condensed milk

1 x pack dessicated coconut

Method (In Kajal’s own words):

  1. Crush the Rich Tea biscuits in a blender (or smash the packet with a hammer like I do, if you don’t have an appropriate blender)

  2. Whack the condensed milk, baileys, cocoa, and 1 cup of desiccated coconut into a mixing bowl

  3. Mix until it’s like a dough

  4. Make balls by rolling a chunks of mixture in your hands and then rolling in desiccated coconut to coat

  5. Put them in the fridge

  6. That’s it! Enjoy! (...and impress your colleagues at the same time)