Day 3: The student that cut the Tampon Tax

One of our biggest national victories was launched from a student flat. The petition starter sitting in her onesie thinking about how unfair it was that women in the UK had to pay for essential sanitary items as ‘luxuries’ while men’s razors for example were treated as essentials in the tax system.

320,000 of you signed up to support Laura’s campaign, as well as many MPs including Paula Sherriff who took up the cause in Parliament. The campaign grew and grew with Laura appearing all over the media; on the news, in papers, on TV. Pressure on the government to act kept increasing

When Budget Day came, the Chancellor officially announced that the government would scrap the tampon tax from 2017 and in the interim period, all revenue would be put into a fund for women’s causes.

Laura hasn’t stopped though - in the last few months she has been working to give homeless women access to the sanitary products they need.

Here’s Laura with a quick message of thanks and an update on the campaign she’s working on now:

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