Day 4: 10 year old Jonathan learnt to talk last year, now he wants to give others that chance

Until last year, Jonathan couldn’t talk. But now, thanks to the love and patience of his mother, Chantal he can read and write and finally communicate with the world. Using only his eyes, Jonathan can now communicate through a special system that allows him to spell.

Jonathan suffers from Cerebral Palsy leaving him in a wheelchair and unable to use his voice. As such, he was defined as having ‘Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties’ and was never given the chance in school to learn, to read and write so his mother took matters into her own hands and taught him herself.

Now Jonathan is using his voice to get the government to recognise that children like him should be taught to communicate and not just written off and ignored.

He’s fighting for children to be redefined as having ‘Profound and Multiple Access to Learning Difficulties’ as well as a review of the special education system that has failed him and many children like him.

Recently, Chantal & Jonathan visited the Department of Education to meet with the minister responsible for special education, Edward Timpson MP. Here’s a message from Chantal taken just before they went into the meeting:

Sign Jonathan’s petition here: