Day 7: The year Isabelle got her son, Matthew back

This is the second time in our #12DaysofChange where we encounter a mum who would move heaven and earth to protect and care for their children.

Matthew, Isabelle’s son, suffers from autism, ADHD and learning difficulties as well as mental health difficulties. As a result, in September 2015 Matthew was detained under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, over a hundred miles from his home and his family. After being told this would be a temporary measure, six months later Matthew was still not home - at her wits end, and out of ideas, Isabelle started her petition.

Matthew Garnett Family.jpg

The petition quickly took off, spreading over social media and gaining 335,000 signatures leading to Matthew’s case being raised in Parliament and Isabelle being granted a meeting with the Minister responsible.

After this, Matthew was moved to a specialist unit that could care for him and eventually, a few weeks later to a unit close to home - reuniting him with his mum and their whole family.

Here is a great blog post written by Robin, Matthew’s father a few months ago as their fight continued to get Matthew home -