Day 9: Over half a million call for justice for Chunky

This week we’ve been highlighting some of the best moments of 2016 on on our social media. It wouldn’t be complete without one of the many inspiring campaigns to protect animal rights . In the last year, hundreds of thousands of you have signed petitions about animals, from reindeers in captivity to caged hens. 

One particular campaign captured many of your hearts - the story of Chunky. Over half a million of you signed Maxine’s petition to get justice for the Chihuahua.

Chunky was stolen from his home by a group of young men, and over the next few hours was beaten, drugged, set on fire and left for dead - but little Chunky, against all the odds, survived.

Here’s Maxine, the petition starter telling Chunky’s story:


Maxine’s petition is one of many campaigning for a change in the law so that people who are prosecuted for this sort of violent abuse of animals don’t just face a 5-year ban from owning animals, but a life ban. The campaign continues.

You can sign the petition at: