November Impact Report

Your contribution has helped people to raise their voices and fight injustice across the UK. Just this month there have been over 20 victories, hundreds of pieces of press and dozens of responses from decision makers.

Here are a few of the incredible stories you have helped to power this month. 


Saving May

This month 60,000 people came together and won a campaign to help save 23 year old leukaemia sufferer, May Brown’s life.

When May found out she had leukaemia she was devastated. Doctors said a stem cell transplant could save her life, but the only person with a perfect tissue match was her sister - who lives in Nigeria. When the Home Office refused her sister a visa, her only chance of survival was cute off.

A petition took off calling for May’s sister to be allowed to come to the UK temporarily for the transplant.

Within days ITV, Daily Mail, BBC and Guardian had featured the campaign. Then, on Thursday night, May found out that the Home Office changed their decision and granted the visa.

When May heard that she would get this lifeline, she said;

"I am overjoyed for the u-turn the Home Office has taken regarding my sister Martha's visa application. I would like to thank every single person who supported my petition! Your support is what has kept me positive."

May has a long road to recovery ahead but is overjoyed that the so many people helped to give her a fighting chance. You can read more about her story here.

Bringing Rachael Home

After 2 years of battling with NHS executives, Mum and daughter Rachael have been reunited with the help of their campaign.

When Rachael Palin turned 13 she developed severe depression and has been suffering ever since. When, a year later she was moved to a specialist unit 153 miles away from home, her mum, Tara, didn't know what to do.

Feeling like no one was listening and running out of options, Tara logged onto and started a petition to get her daughter care closer to home. In days she managed to get thousands of signers, and discovered that there were hundreds of supportive people out there with stories just like hers.

With the support of over 200,000 signers Tara's campaign made national headlines, and she won meetings with politicians and NHS executives.

Now, after a nearly 2 year long campaign Rachael is finally moving home and being reunited with her mum.

To the people who signed Mum Tara said;

"I can't thank everyone who supported me and sent me messages enough. They have kept me going over the past two years. Everyone has been amazing."

 More on their story here.

Power in Parliament 

In the UK this month hundreds of other petitions have been making the headlines, and getting headway in Parliament.

A moment for Miriam.jpg

This month the Briddon family ramped up their campaign for tougher drink driving laws. Daughter and sister, Miriam Briddon was killed by a drunk driver. Her killer only received a 5 year prison sentence, of which he will serve 2 and a half years. This month the BBC and ITV news covered the families fight. They think their campaign is close to winning and want you to add your support here. 

Mum of 2, Catriona, headed to Westminster this month accompanied by dozens of supportive parents and their children. She has been campaigning to extend maternity leave for mums of premature babies. Check out her account of the day here. Since her petition delivery the Minister responsible, Margot James, has agreed to sit down with Catriona for a meeting. You can get behind her campaign here.

And the campaign for a Helen’s Law got a first reading in Parliament and is on it's way to becoming legislation. Marie's daughter Helen was murdered thirty years ago and her killer still won’t reveal the location of her body, so now she is campaigning for a law that will make killers disclose where they have hidden a victim’s body. This month the law was read in Parliament and won support from MPs.  This latest development in her campaign was featured across the evening news, watch some of the coverage here.


 Your support is helping up to keep the platform running and offer support to people fighting to transform their worlds. So, thank you for helping make all these change happen!

From the UK Team