India watches TV and asks for more via

When it comes to watching television serials, Indian viewers couldn't stop from asking for more. Well, it could be anything! Asking to bring back a serial on a particular channel or to stop showing a serial. If that's not enough, users on ask to re-schedule the timings of a serial too. 

They love their own Sherlock Holmes ! 

''We, fans of CID serial, are really perplexed and totally confused about why in the last 6 months Sony is making deliberate and willful attempts to kill and finish its most popular prime time TV serial “CID” which has been on top of the popularity charts of Sony for the last 18 years. This is being done by Sony by changing the days and time of telecast abruptly without informing anyone and now instead of being telecast on Friday-Saturday-Sundays at 10 pm, CID is being telecast on Saturday-Sunday at 10:30 pm which is way beyond the sleeping time of the very young children who are the biggest fans of CID. '', says the petition

Promo, serial and an ambulance

''In a tv serial "Behad" on "sony tv" a misuse of ambulance is shown , the people on road respects for a way to ambulance ,but the serial's using the ambulance for a wrong purpose should not be telecasted and an immediate stop-ban should be put'', asks the  petition

The small wonder

''Our country really misses Small Wonder, and we want to see her again in Hindi'', is the simple demand in this petition

Stop the show! 

''TV is a source of light fun and relaxation after work. The show of Kumkumbhagya is dragging its storyline in a disgusting way with illogical extensions. Either do the right thing or stop the show'', this petition demands.