The #NetNeutrality moment and the huge victory

Getting a government authority to respond is close to impossible. Getting almost 4 lakh people to support you is impossible too. Or so I thought before starting a petition for #NetNeutrality.

I am a software engineer, a regular Indian citizen, who was angry about companies trying to manipulate our access to free and equal internet.  

You and I did the impossible. Along with the group "Save The Internet", we got Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to back Net Neutrality.

This is an important victory but there is a lot more to come. Stay in touch. I hope to continue getting your support as our vigil to protect the internet continues.

Thank you.

If there is an issue that you want to see changed, start a petition on and mobilise support for it.

(Excerpts from Sandeep Pillai's thank you mail to his supporters)

Video Courtsey: AIB