The Students Factor is a sought after platform for students when they have a point to make.  Others, who want to starts a petition that is related to students come to this platform too: 

Give grace marks in CBSE Maths

''This year, the class XII CBSE maths paper was tough as well as long and has made several students cry'', the petition says and asks, ''maximum amount of grace marks should be provided to students in order to make them pass.''

Penalise Schools that Fail to Safeguard Their Students

This petition says, ''Attacks against children in schools happen regularly across India. There is outrage and shock immediately after the incident, and then things return to normal. Sign my petition asking CBSE to penalise schools where children have been attacked, raped or killed because of a lapse in security measures.''

This petition was on NEET 2016. It said, ''NEET 2016 must be conducted for all at a single date. NEET 2016 must not be held in two phases. It will be extremely unfair for students who have already registered for AIPMT 2016 if NEET is conducted in two phases.'' The petition got a victory. 

Make it part of the syllabus

''I want schools in India to have compulsory Personal Safety Education. Children must learn how to be safe, to identify and avoid predators. Teachers and staff must learn how to identify signs of abuse and provide counselling and parents must learn how to protect their children.Sign my petition now so that I can show the Government, the CBSE and ISCE that lakhs of Indians want their children to be safe.''