Victory: Central Government Retracts Proposal to Tax EPF

The campaign to save the Employee Provident Fund from further taxes gathered tremendous momentum in just a week and played a key role in getting the Government to withdraw the proposal. The petition and the online mobilisation was one of the key rallying points of the national outrage around this proposal.

Vaibhav’s message: 

Your support played a significant role in gathering massive support for our campaign against EPF Tax. We gathered almost 2.4 lakh signatures and sent thousands of Facebook posts and Tweets.

We got noticed in the media and even the Government heard us. The Finance Minister's EPF rollback was as much because of you as it was because of the Prime Minister or the opposition.

We will keep a close eye on this issue to ensure that our retirement savings stay safe. If ever the Government tries this again, we will reopen our campaign and fight again.

Congratulations on a tremendous victory and thank you for being active about this. I wish you luck with all the fights you choose to support or start petitions on.