Victory: redBus Agrees To Improve Safety Measures For Women Passengers

Women travelling on busses booked via travel site can now look forward to a safe and secure journey thanks to the efforts of Rashmi Bachani and the 1.4 lakh people who supported her petition

Rashmi’s message:

We did it!! We have made a change!

redBus has heard us out, and is willing to help improve our travel experiences! A warm thanks to you for signing my petition and supporting my cause over the last 2 months.

I'm pleased to inform you that my meeting with redBus went well last week, I took your comments on a card and gave it to the CEO. After the meeting, redBus has taken up our points and taken on the responsibility of passenger safety.

A few highlights from the meeting:

1. Background Verification

- redBus will be working with bus operators to ensure background verification of drivers are performed regularly. Although this will take a while to roll out into all buses, we can be assured they are taking steps to implement the same.

2. Reaching out to women for safety

- Post travel, all women travellers will be sent an email to elicit safety-specific feedback on the journey. I would encourage women not to hide from incidents and to come out and talk about them. redBus has a stronger sense of the need for securing passengers, and would surely be able to hear you out, if you do reach out to them.

3. Emergency Numbers

- Are being displayed across all buses for help in case of emergency. Along with some quick helpful tips. Do tweet @redBus_In when you see this next time in your travels, t shows we like their work & will go a long way in ensuring the practice is followe for all buses.

redBus has made the promise to take passenger safety on priority, and I look forward to the changes being implemented in the coming months. I'd like to thank you for your continued support in the last 2 months and for sharing your experiences, feedback, thoughts and being a part of the movement.

Do read their blog post:, that speaks about some of the measures they have undertaken, as well as new ones to be incorporated in the coming months.

Once again,

Thank you for all the support,

Rashmi Bachani