We are all change makers

Pavithra Shetty, a mother of a 3-year-old, was horrified when she heard about the news of a 6-year-old girl being sexually assaulted in her school in Bangalore.

Pavitra started a petition on Change.org asking the Karnataka Education Minister K Ratnakar to issue safety directives to all schools. What happened next was nothing short of phenomenal. 

Within 6 days, with more than 1,55,000 people supporting, her petition became one of the biggest rallying points for horrified parents and others. Ratnakar and his staff were kept apprised of the increasing outrage, made possible because of special features that are available for anyone who starts a petition on Change.org. Added with wide media coverage around the petition, his office and the government responded by issuing guidelines to all schools in the state.

It was just the beginning !

Maithreyi Nadapana, another mother from Bangalore started another petition. The guidelines had been issued thanks to Pavithra’s efforts. Maithreyi wanted to take that a step further by demanding that the government implement them.

People like Pavithra and Maithreyi are not activists. But they have sent out a message that achieving social impact and social change is not only the activist’s responsibility, but everyone else’s. Social change is about the aam janta.

At Change.org, we are beginning to see petitions on anything from local to national to international issues. We see inspiring petitions even in pushing law and policy makers focus their efforts.

You could be the next change maker. Start your petition now !

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(This is an edited version of a Blog post published in Huffington Post India)