17 Artists that Could Be the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl is almost here!  We bet you’re excited, even if you aren’t a fan of the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers. After all, the Super Bowl has a little something for everyone -- football, food, beer, awesome ads, and the halftime show.

And how about that halftime show? The combo of Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars seems to provide a little something for almost everyone.

Of course, we know that not everyone will be satisfied with this year’s lineup. Fortunately, you all have a place to tell the NFL who you want to see during the Super Bowl halftime.

After last year’s Super Bowl, Jason Long of Columbus, Ohio petitioned the NFL, CBS, and Pepsi to make Metallica the 2016 halftime show. Nearly 64,000 people signed it. And while, the band isn’t playing the main event this year, they are playing the night before the game in San Francisco, in large part because of this petition.

Start your own petition to make your favorite artist the star of the Super Bowl halftime show.

That’s quite an accomplishment. If you all keep voicing what you want to see, we think that the 51st Super Bowl just might be the one where the people get to choose the entertainer of the evening.

Below are 17 artists that people have put forward via petition for the coveted role the Super Bowl halftime show. Some of these petitions were started for this year’s game, but there’s no reason to stop signing; why not make those artists contenders for 2017 as well.

Want to make sure one of these 17 artists gets the gig for 2017? Click through to the link and sign the petition.

17 Possible 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Performers (in no particular order)

1. Adele 
Current signature count: 6

2. Grateful Dead 
Current signature count: 14,102

3. Cher 
Current signature count: 6,154

4. Jennifer Nettles 
Current signature count: 111

5. Kanye
Current signature count: 6

6. Phish 
Current signature count: 5

7. Reba McEntire 
Current signature count: 240

8. Taylor Swift  
Current signature count: 11

9. The Killers
Current signature count: 2,295

10. Garth Brooks
Current signature count: 1,388

11. Journey 
Current signature count: 1,052

12. Jennifer Lopez
Current signature count: 447

13. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Current signature count: 277

14. Lady Gaga
Current signature count: 84

15. AC/DC
Current signature count: 79

16. Florence and the Machine
Current signature count: 49

17. Britney Spears
Current signature count: 4,197

Don’t see your favorite artist on this list?