5 Articles About Health Care that You Must Read this Week

Supporting the "Cancer Relief Bill." Stopping the federal rule that prevents cancer research. Calling on Mylan Pharmaceuticals to reduce the price of a life-saving epipen.

These are just three petitions that are trying to improve access to health for people across the country.

But there are so many issues when it comes to health and health care. From the mental health of refugees in Syria to the Zika outbreak in Brazil, issues that impact healthcare access are the frequent subjects of headlines around the world.

We combed the internet to pull out some of the most interesting and thought-provoking coverage of access to health issues. We hope that after reading these, you’ll feel more empowered to speak to these issues, decide what actions will make a difference, and make real change.

Here are 5 articles about access to health care you should read this week:

  1. States Start to Approve Steep Increases in Health Premiums via the Wall Street Journal: "Tennessee Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak said she had allowed Cigna and Humana to refile their 2017 proposals to seek higher rates, something she didn’t allow last year. 'Two of the three health plans said they’d like to refile rates or they’d have to leave,' she said. 'We were very concerned it would be a domino effect. This year I felt I didn’t have much of a choice.'"

  2. Brain Scans of Brazilian Babies Show Array of Zika Effects via The New York Times: “'The brain that should be there is not there,' said Dr. Deborah Levine, an author of the study and a professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School. 'The abnormalities that we see in the brain suggest a very early disruption of the brain development process.'”

  3. Cost of EpiPen: One Senator's Daughter is Mylan CEO, Another's Needs Drug via CNN: "EpiPen expires after a year, meaning consumers are required to buy new EpiPens annually. However, due to the increasing cost, some people are being forced to carry expired doses of EpiPen, hoping the product will work even past the expiration date.”

  4. Desperate and Distressed, Traumatized Syrians Go Online for Mental Health Care via ABC News: "This new form of medical education comes in the wake of the destruction of multiple Syrian medical institutions during the past few years. Most of the medical students who were in the process of receiving their training at the onset of the crisis have been left with an unfinished degree. Just last weekend, at least three hospitals in Aleppo were bombed.”

  5. Health Care: The Huge, Ignored Issue In This Campaign via Forbes: "No one–Democrat, Republican, independent or just-don’t-care–is happy with the situation. Yet this issue is barely mentioned at campaign hustings."

Interested in learning more about you can solve issues related to access to health? Follow the movement: change.org/accesstohealth