5 Articles About Sustainable Food that You Must Read this Week

Asking Target to sell ugly produce. Demanding Wendy's to support farmworker rights. Ending food waste with the Food Recovery Act.

These are just three petitions that are trying to improve the relationship we have with food and the environment.

But there are so many more issues affecting food sustainability. From animal welfare in factory farming to adding vegan options to restaurant menus, issues that impact food sustainability are the frequent subjects of headlines around the world.

We combed the internet to pull out some of the most interesting and thought-provoking coverage of issues related to food and sustainability. We hope that after reading these, you’ll feel more empowered to speak to these issues, decide what actions will make a difference, and make real change.

Here are 5 articles about food sustainability you should read this week:

  1. The Single Bad Reason We Waste Billions of Pounds of Food via Time: “A recent report by some of my colleagues at Harvard Law School estimates that up to 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten and that consumers waste approximately 160 billion pounds of food each year. Put differently, the federal government estimates that each year the average four-person household wastes more than two million calories, the equivalent of $1,500. Why exactly are we paying millions of dollars to throw away food?”

  2. Addressing Food Waste Through Date Labeling via Huffington Post: “While it happens all along the supply chain, American consumers account for 44 percent of food waste sent to landfill, making households the largest source of food waste in the country. Part of that food waste, as demonstrated in studies by groups like the Harvard Law and Policy Clinic and the Institute of Food Scientists, is due to confusion over date labels, and industry is working to find a solution.”

  3. Elon Musk's Brother to Launch an Urban Farming Accelerator in Brooklyn via Inc.: “The younger Musk announced Tuesday the opening of urban farming accelerator Square Roots this fall. Backed by a host of investors and advisors including Techstars CTO Jud Valeski and Modern Farmer founder Ann Marie Gardner, the project has plans to incubate 10 new food businesses in its first year, tackling everything from food tech to policy solutions.”

  4. When Will Food Issues Be on Politicians’ Plates? Via The New York Times: “Politically, the ubiquity of food is both a strength and a weakness. Food can be a hunger issue, an immigration issue, an animal welfare issue, a labor issue, an environmental issue, a farming issue, a health issue, a trade issue.”

  5. Americans should eat less meat, but they’re eating more and more via Vox: “We now know that the de facto industrial model of raising livestock has had all kinds of negative impacts: It’s a major contributor to climate change, antibiotic resistance, water pollution, and air pollution. The people who raise and kill the animals often work in unjust, unhealthy conditions. Feeding the billions of animals we raise for meat with corn and soy takes up precious land and puts pressure on wildlife.”

Interested in learning more about you can solve issues related to girls’ education? Follow the movement: change.org/sustainablefood