Announcing the Charitable Foundation has given millions of people a platform to start, join and win campaigns on issues they care about. We are excited to announce that we are launching the Foundation to accelerate and incubate movements giving people a voice around the world.

Movements are emerging on, increasingly from voices that aren't often heard, on issues that will define our future--issues like modern slavery, women and girl’s education, and lack of access to democracy. The Foundation will enable us to increase our impact on these vitally important issues by dedicating resources and systematic support, like training and technology, to civic leaders and organizations who are behind these movements.

Sara El-Amine

Sara El-Amine

We are thrilled to announce that Sara El-Amine, executive director of Organizing for Action, will be the Foundation’s executive director. Sara’s vast knowledge and experience in educating and empowering grassroots organizations will help the Foundation bridge the gap between people and power around some of the most urgent and fundamental issues of the day.

Sara said: “This is an incredibly exciting role to step into. I’ve had an amazing nine years with the Obama grassroots movement driving huge citizen-led movements for change across the U.S. Now it’s time to take that experience global and build the world’s biggest social change incubator. It’s an exciting time at the intersection of technology and social change, and is the global leader in that space. I can’t wait to get started.”

Ben Rattray, founder and CEO of said: “Our goal is a world in which no one is powerless, and the Foundation will help achieve that by supporting movements to empower some of the most disenfranchised people and address some of the world’s biggest challenges. Sara has the unique vision, experience, and talent to make this a reality – and we’re lucky to have her leading this new organization.”

Across the world, it is those with the least power who often don’t have access to the connected networks and tools that make change happen. The Foundation will help remove these barriers to success by accelerating and incubating social movements by training and equipping those working to end injustices  with the tools and trainings to launch and win big powerful campaigns at scale.